25 Rare Photos In History That Will Blow Your Mind

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Check out these 25 rare historical photos that will show you famous events in a different light. Beware that some of them are slightly graphic.

25. Last Kiss


“Last Kiss”, With the onset of World War Two, millions of young men were forced apart from their loved ones. And, as this poignant yet heartbreaking photo shows, the sacrifices made by these soldiers extended to their loved ones.

24. Statue of Liberty


This is The Statue of Liberty under construction in Paris in 1884. The statute was built in Paris, then torn down in pieces, and shipped to the states for reconstruction.


23. Lone Survivor


A shell shocked reindeer looks on as World War II planes drop bombs. Many forget the impact war has on nature as well as human beings, a truth that is timely captured by this photographer when Russian planes bombed an unknown location taken by Yevgeny Khaldei.

22. Heavyweight Stars


Away from war, the 1960s was a big time for popular culture, with British boyband ‘The Beatles’ taking the world by storm. At the same time, the boxer Muhammed Ali was fast becoming one of the world’s greatest sports personalities the world had ever seen.


21. Lewis Payne


This is the Lincoln assassination co-conspirator Lewis Payne being held in federal custody prior to his execution in 1865. As Lincoln was being killed at the Ford Theater, Payne, an Alabama native and Confederate veteran, entered the bedroom of Secretary of State William H. Seward and began to attack him with a large knife.