Girl Gets Blown Away By Jet Plane… Slams Headfirst Into Concrete Wall.

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On the St. Maarten Island beach, a young woman suffered an unknown head injury after she was blown in to the air by the jetblast of an aircraft taking off from the Princess Juliana Airport.

The airport is famous for tourists trying to get “up close and personal” with the jetliners that arrive/depart from the Princess Juliana Airport. Some thrill seekers are also grabbing the fence that separates the beach from the runway and trying to hold on while jets hit the thrust required to takeoff.

Clearly the warning signs on the fence are no longer enough:

“We will continue to take all necessary measures and precautions to ensure the safety of all users of the airport, including persons visiting St. Maarten, and we urge everyone to adhere to all public safety warnings.

“Princess Juliana International Airport has always done everything within its power to enhance the personal safety of all visitors to the destination, and in particular, users and visitors to our airport.

“However, incidents such as this unfortunate one emphasize the need for all our visitors to heed the clear warnings – about the dangers of jet blast – posted along the airport fence.”

You can check out the full video below: