Soldier Disobeys His Orders And Saves A Cat In Afghanistan. The Cat Ended Up Saving His Life.

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It makes sense that soldiers are not allowed to take in stray animals while being deployed. The soldiers face many helpless and abandoned cats and dogs that are being scarred by the horrors of war. And even though they are not allowed to save them, sometimes they disobey the orders and lend a hand.

The cat returned the favor

When Staff Sgt. Jesse Knott saved the life of a stray cat he later named Koshka, he could not have foreseen that the friendly feline would one day save his life in return.

One tragic day, one of the worst things happened to Jesse that left him without hope for himself. He lost two of his dearest friends in the war and was about to give up. But Koshka crawled into his lap and reminded him there was still a lot to live for. That meant so much for him, that he decided to do the impossible to bring the cat to America once he was back home.

Check out the video for a truly inspiring story: