These are the Most Toxic Places on Earth

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Top 8 Most Toxic Places On The Planet:

Over the last 100 years or so, humanity has made astounding technological advances at an overwhelming pace. These advances in science and technology may have made our lives easier and more exciting, but the trail of waste we have left (and still continue to leave) behind is simply horrendous. Pollutants of all kinds – chemical, nuclear, basic garbage, electronic waste – have seriously ruined our environment. Many locations have been so drastically impacted that living in them is a near impossibility. Chernobyl, Ukraine is a great example, the town witnessed the worst nuclear power plant accident in human history and since then has been an uninhabitable ghost town.

Although this list doesn’t feature any locations in the United States, they do exist. There are a number of sites that have been declared extremely toxic such as Love Canal, New York, Tar Creek, Oklahoma, and Gowanus Canal, New York. A recent case for alarm is a practice called Hydraulic Fracturing, or Fracking, which is a perfect example of modern day methods that have been linked to pollution of water and air. Mountaintop Removal is another controversial practice that is known to tarnish local water and wildlife.

Along with the ten places mentioned in the video, here are other toxic places in the world that deserve an (dis)honorable mention.