Top 10 WWE Salaries: Who Are the Highest Paid Wrestlers?

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While wrestling might not be as hip with the kids as it was when it was in its heyday in the80s and late 90s, it’s still a particularly big industry. It’s estimated that the WWE has been worth over $1.25 billion after the launch of the WWE Network; the company is run by Vince McMahon, and although he can sometimes be a little stingy, he still pays his top talent an incredibly handsome salary.

Who are the TOP 10 WWE Earners?

The wrestlers that are able to frequently sell merchandise and fill the seats with screaming adoring fans are the ones that are paid the most. Talent that has been in the wrestling industry for longer periods also make a premium on top of their salary, and receive a generous amount of medical benefits to make sure their body stays in peak condition, since one serious injury could end their career. The highest paid wrestlers in the WWE are all getting paid at least several hundred thousand dollars each year.

But who are these super rich wrestlers, and exactly how much are these professional athletes making each year? There is a lot of part-time talent on the list, but there are plenty of familiar names: here are the top 10 highest salaries in professional wrestling today.